How to Run GarageBand App on Windows PC?

It is a golden era for music artists with the origin of Digital Audio Workstation, like the GarageBand app. Today, you can start a whole music studio from the comfort of your couch. It implies you can launch your new music album straight from your iPad or iPhone. 

GarageBand is one of the best free to use music apps by none other than Apple brand. With a range of musical instruments and genres available, the tool allows professionals to create a new music album as per their expertise and interest. Let everyone know the music artist in you by installing the GarageBand app today. 

Can You Install This App on PC?

Since the GarageBand app is a product of Apple, it implies the app is compatible only with iOS and macOS devices. Yet, fret not! There is a possible way that lets you use this app as smoothly as any Apple device user. 

How To Use the GarageBand app on Windows PC?

As we said above, users with Windows OS can also use this digital music studio. Here we will disclose to you two common techniques to use GarageBand on PC.

  • iOS Emulators

iOS emulators are a kind of software that imitates the hardware of iOS and macOS apps so that you can smoothly run them on the Windows operating system.

  • VMware

VMware is a virtual machine. Once you activate it on the Windows PC, you’ll be able to run multiple Apple apps on your system.

PC Specs You Need to Get GarageBand

Before you begin to install the GarageBand app on the PC, make sure that your system meets the below-given specifications:

  • Supported Windows: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Minimum Hard Disk Space: 8GB
  • RAM: 4GB to 8GB
  • Intel i5 processor or higher, RYZEN 7

Method 1: How to Download VMWare?

VMWare is a virtualization software to build a virtual version of anything varying from a server and network to a storage system. Virtualization is a significant source to run Virtual-based OS apps on your Windows system. 

It ends limitations and offers users access to a plethora of software and applications, without any glitch. Also, the VMWare method is best suited for Intel processor-based processors. 

Here is a step by step process to enable virtualization on your Windows system.

Step 1: First, go to the BIOS from the start menu. There you have to locate the virtualization option found below the Advanced button. Press enter key to activate it.

Step 2: Next, download macOS Sierra on your computer.

Step 3: Ultimately, download and install the VMWare Workstation Player by clicking on the .exe file. However, you don’t have to run it now.

Step 4: Extract the macOS folder file using WinRar.

Step 5: Further, you have to get the Win-Install file by navigating to this pathway: macOS Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final Youtube Folder > unlocker208.

Step 6: Now, run win-install as an administrator, then by right-clicking on it and click on ‘Run as Administrator’ option.

Step 7: It will open a command prompt on your screen showing the changes running on Windows. (Note: The process will take a couple of minutes to finish.)

Step 8: Afterward, open VMWare and click on ‘Open Virtual Machine’ there. 

Step 9: A new window will appear on the screen where you’ve to navigate this path: macOS Sierra > macOS Sierra 10.12 tools > Final YouTube Folder > macOS Sierra. Tap on the OS.

Step 10: Now, choose Edit Virtual Machine Settings to switch the system resource allotment.

Step 11: Further, select the number of Processor Cores as per your system specs.

Step 12: Finally, once you select the specified amount of RAM to allow the VMWare to use. You completed the VMware installation successfully. 

But wait! You aren’t done yet; there is still a lot more to do. Without much ado, let’s hop on to further steps to run the Garageband.

Boot macOS Sierra

Step 1: Once more, you have to launch the VMware player.

Step 2: From there, tap on Play Virtual Machine. The OS screen will take about 5 – 10 min to launch.

Step 3: Next, select your origin country and tap on the Continue button beneath.

Step 4: In the further screen, choose the preferred language from the list and again click on Continue.

Step 5: On the next page, select “Don’t transfer any information now” from the list of options.

Step 6: Checkmark the box available besides, “Enable location” or ignore if you don’t want to.

Step 7: Create your Apple ID and agree to their “Terms & conditions.”

Step 8: After that, in the iCloud Keychain screen, select the “Set up later” option and press on the Continue button.

Step 9: Carefully pick your time zone now. Wait for about 10 min to finish the process, and you’re done with macOS Sierra boot!

Step 10: Lastly, search Garageband in the Apple Store search box and install the app.

Method 2: How to Download Via Emulators?

  • iPadian

iPadian is a famous iOS emulator that is free and lightweight. It replicates both the looks and features of iOS devices. Instead of creating a local variant, the tool generates a high-value clone of iOS. Hence, it prefers to call itself a simulator rather than an emulator. 

A user will get a fully operative version of the GarageBand to support the augmentation of the library of instruments to create and edit music. So, get real iOS experience on your PC with it. This method is ideal for both AMD and Intel processors.

Let’s have a look at the steps to launch the iPadian.

Process to Install Via iPadian 

Step-1: Begin by downloading and installing an iPadian emulator from here.

Step-2: Run iPadian, and when the process completes, go to the App Store.

Step-4: From the search bar, look out for the Garageband app.

Step-5: Select the music app from the list to download it.

Step-6: Further, run Garageband in the iPadian emulator, and the app is ready to use on your PC.

  • BlueStacks

Bluestacks is one of the most famous emulators that quickly offers full access to macOS apps. Hence, you can also choose Bluestacks to run Garageband on your Windows system. Again, both AMD and Intel processors support this emulator.

So, if you’re choosing BlueStacks for running the GarageBand app on Windows, follow these steps.

Process to Install Via BlueStacks

Step 1: Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows system from here.

Step 2: Next, launch the Bluestacks. (Note: First-time users of BlueStacks need to sign in to their Google ID to use the emulator.)

Step 3: Now type in Garageband in it to search the app, when found click on its icon. That’s it! The GarageBand app will install on your PC.

Features of GarageBand

  • It is a cost-efficient DAW since you can create tracks without investing in any physical music instrument.
  • The smooth user-interface of the software means a user doesn’t need to have in-depth technical knowledge.
  • An app boasts a wide range of music genres, including Hip-Hop, Rock, Electro Dance, Blues, and much more.
  • The immense music library on every instrument helps build a myriad of permutations and combinations.
  • You can learn to play the piano and guitar through the built‑in lessons within the app. Also, receive quick feedback for the tunes you composed.
  • If the result isn’t as you wished, the app allows you to fix the issue in tracks using the editing options like autotune, track and mix with instruments, compression, echo, distortion, visual EQ effects, etc.
  • You can launch your music worldwide by sharing it directly on SoundCloud, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • The app is easy to access from anywhere and anytime you want.
  • You can save and use your composed track as your personal mobile ringtone too.
  • Its Quick Help button gives a text guide about its all the functions when you hover the mouse on the objects.

Why should you choose GarageBand as your music composable app?

If you are looking for a user-friendly and straightforward DAW to create music, GarageBand is for you. With an assortment of functionalities on offer, it is your one-stop solution to fulfill all your music aspirations.

You can quickly create hit tracks using bass, acoustic drums, guitars, keyboards, and other exciting instruments. It is like having a digital music studio in your pocket. Even novice music artists can play music and hone their skills using this intuitive app. 

Alternatives for GarageBand

  • LMMS

Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) efficiently works on Windows PC, and it’s an open-source music production tool. Beat/bassline editor, sound generator, synthesizer, and MIDI control system are the highlights of the LMMS. 

The app suitably works with instruments like Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, and Harmonica. Although the app’s design is quite disappointing as compared to the Garageband app, though the features will surely win your heart. 

  • Reaper

Another great digital audio production alternative to GarageBand is this one. You will love Reaper for its huge library of loops, customization feature, third-party plug-in effects, and virtual instruments. Further, users can produce various studio-quality audio with a lot of flexibility. 

The fast loading and multichannel support make this app stand apart. This music composition app is compatible with Windows and Mac both. It is a paid app but available at reasonable rates.

  • FL Studio

A famous music composition tool for Windows PC because it is user-friendly and easy to use. It is good to consider as GarageBand app alternative because you’ll find functionalities, such as music rearranging, mixing, or editing.

The FL Studio has got everything that a music composer needs. It provides top-grade support for VST plug-ins that make a critical difference for a specific music venture. However, this app is not entirely free to use. 

  • Music Maker Jam

Those looking for a simple to use GarageBand alternative, go with Music Maker Jam. It is a free and fun app that allows musicians to create, record music, and mix the music. There are 425 free sounds and loops, 8 free effects, 3 free instruments, along with various sound pools.

The virtual instruments engine lets beginners play instruments with ease. However, professional musicians may not find the app worth it for genuine music track composition.

  • Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio has a few unique features that will grab the attention of every musician. Firstly, Clip Launcher is the key to this music composition software that can display live Session view mode along with Mix and Arrange view. One window to view every mode means you can work effortlessly without any disturbance.

Further, the VST Plugin & Crash Protection using sandboxing protects the whole application from a crash in case any plug-in crashes. Thus, you get to save your precious project and hours of hard work.


Q1. Is GarageBand a free app?

A. Yes, GarageBand is totally free to download and use. You don’t even have to pay any extra cost for using music instruments accessible inside the app.

Q2. Is this app compatible only with Apple devices?

A. Sadly, yes. Currently, the GarageBand app works only on iOS and macOS systems.

Q3. How can I use the GarageBand music tool on Windows PC?

A. You can easily use this tool on Windows PC by installing VMware virtualization software or emulators like iPadian, BlueStack, or Andy as per your system requirements.

Q4. Will I get access to all the features of the app on Windows PC?

A. Yes, when you download this app using virtualization or emulator, you will get access to the whole GarageBand app like any iOS user.

Q5. Can professionals use this app?

A. Absolutely yes! The app consists of all the major features that are needed by professional music artists and musicians.

Q6. What instruments are available in the GarageBand app?

A. Guitars, keyboards, bass, piano, drums, saxophone, synthesizer, loops, Chinese and Japanese instruments are available on the music app.

Q7. Is it easy for novice music artists to use the GarageBand app?

A. Yes, this intuitive app with smooth UI and built-in guides enables even novice musicians to use the app without any hassle.

Q8. What is the file size of GarageBand app?

A. The file size of the GarageBand music tool is 526 MB.


The digital audio workstation by Apple checkmarks the majority of requirements of music artists. You get a chance to compose music on the go with the help of this intuitive app. With an array of music genres, instruments, and tweaking options incorporated within the app, in no time, share your talent with the world. 

Now, even Windows users can enjoy the GarageBand app and reap the benefits of its valuable features. All you need is to learn iOS emulators and VMware methods to run the app. We’re sure the above guidelines must have cleared the whole procedure thoroughly to you.