Auto-Tune in GarageBand

Love it or don’t, autotune is the trend nowadays. If you are interested in mixing music, you are familiar with the term “autotune in GarageBand.” For those who want to try out how this autotuning works, then this article is for you. Let us first know about the basics of autotune. You may be surprised … Read more

How to convert and export GarageBand to mp3

GarageBand files are popular audio file formats that are used to make fabulous music, play, and record music. GarageBand has also helped some award-winning artists to develop their careers with hit songs. Take, for example, “Umbrella” created by Rihanna” using GarageBand loops is such an achievement.  Smart instruments that are present in GarageBand for iOS … Read more

GarageBand vs Logic Pro X: In-Depth Comparison

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How to Cut and Make Music in GarageBand?

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How to Make a Track in GarageBand

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