Auto-Tune in GarageBand

Love it or don’t, autotune is the trend nowadays. If you are interested in mixing music, you are familiar with the term “autotune in GarageBand.” For those who want to try out how this autotuning works, then this article is for you. Let us first know about the basics of autotune.

You may be surprised to know that musicians have been using auto tune since 1998, and now every professional musician uses this feature. As by the name, you can have an idea that auto-tune means automatically tuning a voice or pitch. 

Autotunes manipulate the pitch of a vocal track while creating a high-pitched voice or a robotic. If you are a traditional singer, then with the help of autotune in GarageBand. Well. Autotuning in GarageBand is free, but autotuning needs a plugin that is either purchased or downloaded for the others.

What is GarageBand?

It is a user-friendly app with numerous high-quality features present in it. There are several facilities that GarageBand provides to a user, like:

  • Can record numerous sounds with the help of a microphone on your computer
  • One can plug guitar, bass, keyboard, mics for recording
  • Want to make your own recordings? Give a try in GarageBand
  • Provides electronic versions of various instruments 
  • There are multiple drum beats and sounds to choose from
  • Helps to burn songs on CD’s

GarageBand offers easy music recording for the pros and beginners and comes for free with every MAC.

What is Autotune in GarageBand?

Suppose you missed a high note; with the help of autotuning, you can get things back to their position. Just like a spellchecker saves the writer from their mistakes; similarly, autotune corrects the tuning and pitch of a singer. 

GarageBand is a favorite among many famous musicians like Steve Lacy, Rihanna, and Oasis, probably due to its versatile nature. Autotune has a great effect in R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop music. There are several free loops available in GarageBand, which will give your music a finishing touch.

Autotune is easy to use; it takes only a few steps. It is a program that helps a musician in recording or during their live performance. Autotunes are everywhere due to the three basic reasons:

  • It helps the singer to sound better
  • It helps to produce robotic sounds
  • It helps to make hit music, and you know that music is a business now

GarageBand has its autotuning plugins, but it is limited in its parameters. Sometimes you may require some extra features or functionalities, and for that you may opt for Melodyne 4 Studio plugin. It does its job pretty well, in fact it is one of the most sophisticated plugins out there. If you are finding reliable plugins for getting the best solutions, then it is recommended to purchase the full package of Studio Versions of GarageBand.

How does Autotune work?

Autotunes takes an audio file and observes its pitch and key with the help of a software audio processor device. It observes any recording against a pitch so that the pitch or key matches an instrumental music recording. 

Autotune can be performed in various ways. It can be used both practically and creatively, but the main aim is to rectify pitching in vocals.

Now let’s find out how you can add an auto-tune effect to your custom track.

How to Use Auto-Tune in GarageBand

The auto-tune effect in GarageBand is really suitable for R&B and Hip-Hop music. So, if you’re planning to add a vocal effect to your track, follow these simple steps to begin.

  • Open a New Project. You can select an existing one as well.
  • Press Command+Option+A to open an Audio Track. You’ll find the “Limit to Key” and “Enable Flex” settings in the Smart Controls.
  • Click on both the settings to enable them. Now, whenever you’ll record vocals or add music, the pitch correction box will pop up every time. The data will be kept in the Limit Key. Click on the Key Signature option. Find it at the top-center of the window. It will show beats/minute. You can measure and adjust the tempo here.
  • Use the pitch correction by adjusting it between the 1-100 scale. You’ll find this option in the Smart Controls.
  • Once you’re done with the pitch correction, start recording your vocal.
  • Complete your recording and listen to the vocals after applying the auto-tune. Adjust it until you’re satisfied with the way your voice sounds.
  • Once you’re done, extract the auto-tuned track as mp3.

There you go! You can now apply to auto-tune to your voice and start creating beautiful tracks! However, while using pitch-correction, you must keep a few things in mind. This will help you to use auto-tune to its very extent.

Try Enhanced Tuning

When you choose your project, make sure to enhance the tuning. For that, you have to open the editor. Click on the scissor icon and drag the slider up to the Enhanced Tuning. Click on “Limit to Key.” It will make sure you are using the auto-tune feature to its full potential to curve the best sound out of it.

Play with the Effects

There are tons of effects to apply and play with. Open the Visual EQ and try different variables. Treble up or bass down a little bit. Listen to your track after that and then again change it. Do this until you have struck something real good. Try the same pattern with Master Echo and Master Reverb. Tweak them as much as possible to give life to your track.

Add Chorus

A catchy chorus can make your track sound phenomenal. GarageBand has this option for you as well. At the right-upper corner of the window, click Edit. Make sure the track info panel is open. You can see the applied effects, such as Noise Gate, Bass Reduction. Do not uncheck them. Click on the blank area and Select Chorus. Keep the option default as Atmospheric. Enjoy your track with the slight touch of a beautiful chorus!

Save it When You Make it

After you have added all the necessary effects to your Auto-Tune and you’re done with the tweaking, make sure to save this instrument. Rename it and save. You can always use this particular auto-tune effect on any other track you want. Go to the Browse tab in the track info and there you will be able to choose the instrument that you have created earlier. Now you have your own customized auto tune.

Note: When you use custom vocal effects on a new track, make sure to adjust the Enhance Tuning effect.

The Bottom Line

Whatever autotune option you may choose to autotune, it is just like any other effect in GarageBand. It’s a versatile and important one, though. Rely on autotune too much and get all advantages out of it. This feature helps to save a lot of time and money in the studio. 

Autotune helps beginners to set the pitch so that the audience can enjoy their music whole heartily. Autotune can help to know your weakness. Get note of the few characteristics that you find after analyzing your song. Regular analyzing, again and again, will help you to eradicate the errors. 

Do you use autotune? If not get it soon as it is the app that gives an honest review of your performance. It is a great tool that helps to improve the quality of your song.

Become a better singer with the help of auto-tune in GarageBand.