How to convert and export GarageBand to mp3

GarageBand files are popular audio file formats that are used to make fabulous music, play, and record music. GarageBand has also helped some award-winning artists to develop their careers with hit songs. Take, for example, “Umbrella” created by Rihanna” using GarageBand loops is such an achievement. 

Smart instruments that are present in GarageBand for iOS provide a wonderful opportunity for learning how to construct chord progression. You can choose from modern bass, guitar, drums, strings, piano, and so on. World instruments are also able to play as Smart Instruments in this GarageBand.

GarageBand is the workstation where you can not only record and play your audio but also can export GarageBand to mp3 format.  Standing in the digital era, GarageBand is an important part of becoming a well-rounded musician. 

Advantages to GarageBand

  • One can use the microphone while recording on the computer 
  • Provides the advantage of plugging guitar, keyboard, mics, and others for recording purposes
  • Make your own ringtones
  • Learn to play and store various audio files
  • Multiple instrumental sounds to choose from
  • Share to iTunes
  • Have a loop editing tool
  • Have a MIDI sequencer
  • ‘Produces high-quality sound effects
  • Burns songs on CD’s
  • Loop tracks

Methods of creating music have changed drastically in a few years. With the advent of new technologies, the users can keep multiple tracks of multiple instrumental effects, loops, and voice recordings. Well, if you are planning to play the music file with common audio apps, then you have to convert and export GarageBand to mp3. 

This procedure is important as GarageBand saves the file as m4r format, which is not suitable for other music apps. If you do not know how to save GarageBand in an mp3 format, this article is perfect for you. 

Why mp3 format?

Suppose you are recording the music in GarageBand, you will surely do it in high-quality. The output is great, but it also results in large files, like if they are more than a minute or so. This is where it’s essential to export GarageBand to mp3 format. It will help create a compressed file much smaller in size without hampering the sound’s quality.

There is another reason for this conversion. Files created in GarageBand stores in .band should always be stored in the GarageBand folder inside the music folders. It allows only you to open these files, as they are native to your version of GarageBand. 

It is quite problematic if you share your music with others providing a copy of your .band file. Make the process simple by converting the whole file to mp3 format. This form is far more accessible and acceptable by the users. 

Follow these few steps to convert GarageBand to mp3

GarageBand uses AIFF file extensions for their capability to produce top-quality audio files in a fine compressed audio format. This can be saved on a DVD or a disk as well. It is a common circumstance that you want to share your audio file to friends, family, or loved ones. But how to do so! At first, you have to convert the file and then export it to various applications. 

You can easily convert GarageBand files to mp3 following these few steps:

Step 1

Open the Garageband file and drag & drop it to the iTunes library from your desktop. Or you can go to the “File” menu and select “Add to Library” from the home menu. Then select the GarageBand audio file saved as AIFF format from your desktop. 

 Step 2

If you are using Windows, then at the first head to “Preferences.” If you are working on your MacPC, click to “preference” available in iTunes. Windows users go to the “Edit” menu and click on “Preferences.”

Step 3

Now, you have to change “Import settings.” Click on the “General” tab. Select the “Import Settings” option. With the help of “MP3 Encoder” available from “Import Using” tap OK! Choose a pre-defined audio quality from “Setting” to modify the audio quality according to your preference. In the case of custom audio settings of “MP3 Encoder, you can change the audio and other default settings’ rate and quality. 

Step 4

Make an MP4 version. If you are a Mac user, get back to iTunes and right-click to the target music file. Create an “MP3 version” by clicking on the create option. Now you will be able to see that the AIFF files are gradually converting to MP3 at the top of the iTunes interface. When you are using Windows, go to the “File” from the “Home” menu and select “Convert” and then click on “Create MP3 Version”.

 Follow these few steps to convert and export Garageband to mp3

GarageBand is the digital audio workstation specially designed to create music or podcasts. Developed by Apple, you can create and share your songs with friends and family. Once you have converted the audio file, it is time for exporting it.

So, let us drive into the article to know how to export GarageBand to mp3.

Step 1

Save your file. When you have finished your music project, click on the “File” menu. Select save & store the file in order if it is needed to edit them further. Save the files to ensure that the recordings are conserved with you. 

Step 2

Select the “Share” option. Choose “Export song to disk.” In this stage, you can change the name, location, and format of the file. Choose the quality of the sound that you want to get from the “Quality pop-up menu.” Click on “Export GarageBand as mp3”.

Step 3

Once you are done with the settings and all click on the “Export” button. 

Step 4

Last but not least, after completing the entire procedure, do not forget to save the file on your computer. The output format can be MP3, AAC, WAVE, and AIFF. Afterward, select the “Export” button to export the mp3 file to your friends or family.

You can share the converted GarageBand MP3 format to various audio applications. Like:

  • Share it to iTunes 
  • Create is as your phone ringtone
  • Share the song to Media Browser
  • Share the file with SoundCloud
  • Mail sharing options are also available for you
  • Airdrop is for sending your song to other Mac 
  • Burn your music to a CD

The Bottom Line:

Now it is clear to you about how to export GarageBand to mp3 format? Well, GarageBand may not be rich with features and functionalities if compared to other DAWs that are available for iOS devices, but it is highly reliable and capable of its own features. Do not concentrate on what it can do, but consider how remarkable it is to get so many top features free of cost! 

Several professionals believe that GarageBand does everything to record, convert, and export audios. It is a well-focused program designed by Apple that suits both the beginners and the experienced musicians as well.  

There are so many opportunities that GarageBand offers you at your disposal. What are you waiting for? Start your career in a better way with the help of GarageBand.