How to Cut and Make Music in GarageBand?

GarageBand is one of the most versatile Digital Audio Workstations out there. It has every feature you would require to make a good piece of music. Many professional music producers use GarageBand. You will have your music studio on your Apple device. From instrumentals, synthesizer, virtual keyboards, percussion instruments to guitar and vocal presets – just name it. GarageBand is ready to serve you exactly what you need.

GarageBand is beginner-friendly and free. It has genre-based lessons for you, and the demos are easy and fun. You can start making your masterpiece right away. Just a little bit of enthusiasm and interest in music is all you need. If you’re just getting started with GarageBand, you’re in the right spot.

GarageBand Features

Let’s have a quick look at some of the cool features of GarageBand. Then we will cover how you can cut an audio track and learn to make music in GarageBand.

Make Projects

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner. GarageBand has a user-friendly UI to get you started. You can make your own projects from scratch. You can add everything custom and create something completely unique with your raw talent. There is a dedicated library with pre-recorded tracks and loops to choose from. You can remodel, re-record, or re-use those pieces to your heart’s content. Making music is just too much fun with GarageBand.

Play with Instruments

Do you have an instrument you like to play? Just plug it into your Mac and record your favorite tune. You’ll have options to add vocals to your instrumental. Do not worry if you don’t own an instrument. GarageBand has an array of virtual instruments to play with. The best part? You don’t even need a prior experience to play one of these. The instruction manual and demo are too easy to understand. There is a piano, synths, guitar, drums, and tons of other instruments to play with.


GarageBand has a huge library of pre-recorded loops. Just search for the one you need and add the same to your project. You can add multiple loops to your project. You will find loops in the in-built library of GarageBand. You can change, extend, cut, and almost do everything you desire. The drag and drop option makes it easier for the user to do experiments with the loops.

Mix Magic

You’ll have the option to arrange your regions that consists of your loops, recordings, tracks, and imported files. You can merge them, move, trim, cut, copy, rename, or any other edits to your regions. You can mix instrumental tunes and audio files, balance the levels, and add automation to make changes. You can do all sorts of mixing you desire with GarageBand. Enjoy creating your mix masterpiece with GarageBand.

Learn and Go Global

GarageBand has in-built demos to provide lessons for the beginners. You can learn to play guitar, piano or drums with it. The tutorials are easy to understand, and the simple UI of GarageBand makes it much easier for the beginners. You can practice, get instructions from professional teachers, get feedback on your progress. 

Once you have earned the skill to play, you can start creating your projects. There is a community of music lovers and producers exclusively on GarageBand. You can share your work globally and get recognition.

Pretty cool, right? To begin with, let’s get to the point of how you can cut music in GarageBand first. It’s super-easy, and once you know the procedure, you won’t have an issue with it anymore.

How to Cut a Track in GarageBand? 

Just follow the given instructions below to chuck a chunk from a track easily.

  • Open GarageBand and select a “New Project.”
  • Select the song you want to edit or cut.
  • Click, drag, and drop the file to the left window. Align it properly to avoid any delay issue on your track.
  • Turn off the Metronome by unchecking the box. You will find it under “Control.”
  • Click on the icon that looks like a scissor. You will find it right below the selected track.
  • Click on the small arrow to scroll through options and start cropping.
  • Click and drag the plus sign to select the track.
  • Hit “Delete” on your keyboard to make the cut.
  • Listen to the sound you’ve cut, and if it’s seamless, just export it to your iTunes. It will automatically turn into mp3.

Now you know how to cut a track on GarageBand. But you have to keep some basic things in mind while cutting a track, such as:

  • While cutting, always hit the “Play” button to listen to the cut audio. Keep things in check.
  • If you made a mistake, just click “ctrl+z” to undo.
  • Edit carefully. Go back and check the edited part before moving on.
  • Select “Alignment” to keep your region contiguous while editing.

(Note: Selecting and cutting a track is done on the lower lane)

How to Make Music in GarageBand?

GarageBand is quite user-friendly, and you can get started anytime you want. If you have installed GarageBand, how to make music in GarageBand would possibly be the first thing you’ve searched. In this article, we will explain how you can easily make your own unique track with GarageBand.

The simplest way to start making music as a beginner would be with the MIDI loops. GarageBand has a library full of pre-recorded audios and loops to experiment with. You will find different genres, instruments, and types of music to start your first project. Let’s make a demo for an example.

1. Select Your Project

Search for GarageBand in the spotlight from your Mac and press enter. It will give you several instrumental options to choose from. Double click on the “Empty Project” option. A window will pop-up. Let’s go with the electric keyboard for its simplicity.

2. Choose the MIDI Loops

Find the “Loop” icon located at the top right corner of the window. A side screen will appear. You will find different types of instruments and music divided by genres. Look for the one you want to move forward with. Click and play the track before selecting. Once you make up your mind, drag and drop the file into the project window.

3. Select Instruments

Now, you have to choose instruments for your track. There are drums, guitars, keyboards, synths, and tons of other instruments for you. If you’re a beginner, it is advisable not to add too many instruments to your track. It can get complicated.

4. Be Creative, Go Vocal

Once you’ve selected your instrumentals, it’s time to lay the track. Select the microphone audio option to begin. Make sure your USB microphone is connected to your PC. Press the “Record” button and start making your own song. Sing your heart out. You can try some small creativity stunts like adding a beat or smart bass to your track. It will sound really cool. Possibilities with GarageBand are infinite. You just have to take the dive.

5. Check and Export

Once you have completed the recording, click again on the “Record” button to stop recording. Listen to the piece you have created. Make edits to the places you want to change. Click on “Edit” to make changes. Balance the volumes of the multiple audios. Once you’re satisfied, click on the “Share” option to export your file to iTunes or mail-in mp3 format. Now you are ready to make music in GarageBand. Keep making, and you’ll know, Practice does make us perfect!